Luna | 24 years old | they/them | non-binary | portugal | Ayato Sakamaki yume(nushi)/riako (no sharing!) ♡ more about my yume experience ♡

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a really strong connection to fictional worlds!
I always had a really deep connection to characters and a really intense love for them! I don’t remember a time where I wasn’t obsessed with a particular character or franchise ever since I was really young!

Even before I found out about anime I had little fictional crushes but I really dove into that world with anime.
I believe my first anime crush was Shin from Amnesia but my first actual f/o was Death the Kid and then Tetsuya Kuroko

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      The first mention I have of Ayato being a favorite is as of April 25 2014 in a notebook I had with “my husbandos”. I kept enjoying DL in an average fan, I liked Ayato by looks and knew a little about his personality and the other characters.
      I went back to the franchise during 2018 March-May where on May 15 2018 I decided to fully devote myself to Ayato and that passion stayed.
      He's my main/romantic fictional other! I really really love him, my feelings for him are really deep and he makes me really truly happy!
      Sometimes I even get sad and somewhat bothered and feeling weird when other people love him or have him as a fave/fictional other since I love him so much in such a real way it ends up hurting me and making me feel jealous seeing others loving him too.

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      Even though merch isn't everything and is no indicative over how much someone loves a character, I love having Ayato merch and every time I can, I get a lil something to add to my shrine. I like to wake up and see my shrine next to me, I like to go out and take him with me, it just makes me very happyWhen I was at college and my depression was at it's highest, I looked at the rubber strap on my phone or took my ita bag and felt a little better, knowing he was there.
      Every piece of merch I own is special, no matter how big or how small, every single piece means the world to me and makes me incredibly happy, I hope my collection continues to grow.
      This may even seem silly but sometimes, when I'm having huge migraines, looking at Ayato pictures eases them and makes me feel a bit better.
      Whenever I'm feeling at my lowest he shows up, either as a new art or as a piece of merch that arrives at my house, weeks after I ordered it, arrving just when I need him the most.

        I first met Jyugo on March 1st 2018 and I instantly fell in love.
        I first had him as a romantic f/o but time passed and I started to look at him more as a friend and a platonic soul mate more than a romantic lover and he became such a comfort in my life
        I love him so so much, he always makes me feel so happy and comfortable! Every since I met him he's been a huge comfort in my life and I'm so thankful!

        When I first saw him I instantly fel in love because his looks are just my aesthetic and taste but as I went on to know more about him he just made himself a place in my heart and never left! His story spoke to me in such a deep level, the love he has for his friends, the lenghts he goes to just to help them and how he wants to just have a purpose in life since he's apathetic towards most things in life and I relate to him a lot in those aspects

        When I was in college and at the peak of my depression, I used to take his plushie inside my backpack and hug him whenever I felt worse and it was such a huge comfort to me
        Until this day I sleep hugging one if his plushies while the smaller one I took with me stays by my side and I never go to sleeo without hugging him
        I love how he develops and becomes more confident in himself and learns that it's okay to want things for himself and that doesn't make him selfish.
        All he wants is to make his friends happy and at least on my end he does just that!
        He wants to prove his worth alongside his friends and I'll be with him every step of the way
        Even though I have several characters that bring me comfort, Jyugo is special in a way I can't even describe, no words do it justice